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Individual Optical Filters

Our comprehensive line of Semrock optical filters helps your design attain the best signal-to-noise ratios. Steep spectral edges maximize useable bandwidth, and high transmission or reflection captures the brightest images with best-in-class Flatness. Deep and extended blocking are optimized for your application, minimizing background and crosstalk while reducing cost.

Optical Filter Sets

Our filter sets support a great range of fluorophores for microscopes and imaging systems. Patented design techniques drive some of the most spectrally sophisticated optical filters on the market. High transmission, steep edges, precise spectral edge placement, and optimized blocking combine for more reliable measurements. A wide selection of individual bandpass filters and dichroic beam-splitters support unique applications, and world-class manufacturing and cutting-edge metrology ensure consistent performance that always meets specifications.


Our filter cubes used in fluorescence microscope platforms from the major microscope manufacturers, including Leica Microsystems, Nikon Instruments, Olympus Corp., and Zeiss Microscopy. Our super-resolution filter cubes set the new standard for laser-based microscopes and are optimized for mounting half-wave flatness, 1 mm thick super-resolution dichroic beam-splitters.

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We are a team of experienced professionals specializing in photonics, lasers, spectroscopy, microscopy, optics, and related technologies. With over 14 years of experience in this field, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner for businesses looking to excel in these cutting-edge industries.

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